Earn interest while helping churches…

it’s really that simple!

Rarely are investment opportunities designed to deliver specific interest rates while simultaneously having a positive impact on the lives of others. But that’s precisely what FM Financial’s Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund does. As friends of the Free Methodist Church invest in the fund, it provides loans at reasonable rates to Free Methodist ministries.

Fund Investments


Dollars Loaned

Investor/Loan Relationships

Ministry Highlights

As an investor in the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund, you are connected with the amazing ministries this fund has partnered with through the years. Read the stories below of how lives are being changed.

Sage Hills Church

Location: Wenatchee, WA
Loan Purpose: Renovation
Year of Loan: 2017

Fairfield Brazilian Church

Location: Bridgeport, CT
Loan Purpose: Purchase Building
Year of Loan: 2019

Deer Flat Church

Location: Caldwell, ID
Loan Purpose: Construction
Year of Loan: 2018