Bargain Sale

What is a Bargain Sale?
A bargain sale is a unique opportunity for non-profits to achieve significant outright gifts in support of their mission. This charitable planning technique is often overlooked and definitely underused, and has many applications. In short, a bargain sale is the purchase of property (securities, real estate, etc.) for less than its fair market value. The difference between the fair market value and the sales price constitutes a charitable gift. The donor/seller is therefore able to recoup some cash, perhaps equal to their investment in the property, and use the balance as a charitable gift.

How can the Free Methodist Foundation help?
The Free Methodist Foundation has assisted ministries in communicating and executing bargain sales.

Is a bargain sale appropriate for our situation?
Bargain Sales requirements can be confusing and depend on the circumstances.  Tim Burkhart is the Vice President of Estate & Gift Planning, and he would be happy to speak with you and assist you in the process.

For more information, please contact Tim Burkhart:

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