Below are current investor rates: 

Investment Minimum APY APR
flexible certificate none 1.85% 1.83%
1 year certificate $5,000 2.35% 2.32%
2 year certificate $5,000 2.55% 2.51%
5 year certificate $5,000 3.25% 3.19%

Flexible rate will increase to 2.10% APY / 2.07%APR on 5/1/19.

*The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund is not registered and can not accept new investors in the following states: Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Kentucky, Vermont, Washington & Wyoming.

APY: annual percentage yield
APR: annual percentage rate

Interest on all certificates accrues daily. 
A statement is provided each quarter reflecting the principal and earned interest of each certificate.