Building Churches. Changing Lives. by Pastor Travis Waits

by Travis Waits, Executive Pastor
Journey Church, Colorado

The Journey Church is a Free Methodist congregation in Denver, Colorado, that is more effective today because there is a collective excitement within the congregation. “People growth” is happening, not just because of a new building, but rather, people are catching on and experiencing that life change happens through God – focused relationships. We believe that when we know God and find freedom, we are able to discover our purpose, and to make a difference. We are already experiencing advanced growth from the curiosity of people driving by the new property on Interstate 25, and they are joining our current location to see what we are all about: A Real Church, for Real People.

The Journey Church ColoradoThe loan from the Free Methodist Investment and Loan Fund is allowing us to construct a more strategic facility. We are creating a hub from which we can further our mission for ministry training and development as we continue to help people take their next step with Christ. It is also allowing us to maintain momentum and excitement for what we see God doing in the Denver Metro area. Our new facility will further our mission as a church and make a more widespread impact on our vision: A city-changing church of 10,000 disciples living and showing the way of Jesus, comprised of 10 locations, of 1,000 attendees, led by 1,000 mighty men.

Our founding families are seeing Journey Church’s vision realized. Many of the founding members of Journey had the great privilege of participating in our Ground Breaking Ceremony on October 2, 2016. It was an incredible moment to see 6 couples who have poured their hearts and souls into this church be able to break ground and tangibly see that their commitments are making an exponential impact.

We also have members whose parents were a part of the original church. Their parents are seeing their long-term vision confirmed. It is encouraging for them that all their hard work was for a greater purpose.

We are grateful for God’s favor in the midst of a building campaign. We are ahead of scheduled giving projections. We have seen an unfounded increase in our general giving, which is unheard of during a building campaign. We see God rewarding our faithfulness and patience. We feel we are leading with His direction. He is calling us and empowering us to reach more for Christ.

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