Building Churches. Changing Lives. By Pastor John Hansen

by John Hansen, Lead Pastor
Centerpoint Church

Centerpoint Church is a Free Methodist congregation in Murrieta, California, that has grown from 65 to nearly 2,400 in weekend worship attendance over the last 12 years. Part of how we have been able to accomplish this growth is through having adequate facilities to accommodate the people God has allowed us to reach. The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund has provided the financing we’ve needed to construct almost 30,000 sq. ft. of much needed ministry space over the last 5 years. As a result, we have had the space to grow. We have seen more than 1,500 individuals make a first-time commitment to follow Christ!

Centerpoint Church, Murietta, CaliforniaThe most recent project for which the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund provided funds was the construction of our Student Ministry and Administration building. We have had a growing youth ministry that serves roughly 400 students, meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. However, until recently, we have not had space for our youth to meet during weekend services. That has finally changed! Now we have 4 youth services happening during our adult weekend services, and an additional 200 youth are able to engage in age-appropriate discipleship. Many of these students are not able to come midweek because of sports. But now they have a place to grow in their own discipleship journey during our weekend services. Further, by constructing a space for administration, we were able to free up room for our Children’s ministry, which can now accommodate an additional 125 kids. We rejoice that we now have a great space for our youth and kids!

I’ve shared about the big picture of impact in terms of an increase in numbers. But those numbers are made up of individual people whose lives are being changed by Jesus Christ. For example, Jason and Rebecca were not church going people just two years ago. In fact, by their own admission, their lives were spiraling downward and headed for a crash. They were on the verge of divorce. Some friends invited them to Centerpoint Church. God used all of the ministries of our church, starting with a marriage retreat, to turn their lives around. Their story is inspiring and would not have happened Jason and Rebecca's Testimony Videoif there wasn’t a physical location in which Centerpoint Church could build and sustain a growing community of believers that could be a place of refuge. You can see Jason and Rebecca’s story here:

The people of Centerpoint Church have given generously, and even sacrificially, so that we could establish the facilities we currently have. However, we would not have been able to complete our facilities projects without the support of the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund. Centerpoint Church wants to thank each and every family and investor in the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund for contributing to the work of God at Centerpoint Church. We believe that those funds have led to a multiplied fruitfulness at Centerpoint Church. Thank you!

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