Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund


An Opportunity to Invest & Grow
Rarely are investment opportunities designed to deliver specific interest rates while simultaneously having a positive impact on the lives of others. But that’s precisely what the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund does. By investing in the Fund, you receive a financial return on your investment while making a positive impact by helping churches expand and grow. The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund is one of the ways you can engage in a life of Stewardship Well Done.

Here’s How It Works

As friends of the Free Methodist Church invest in the Free Methodist Investment & Load Fund, the Fund provides loans at reasonable rates to Free Methodist Ministries.

The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund offers several investment options to fit your needs. Our Flexible Certificate features a variable rate that is adjusted from time to time. Our Term Certificates have fixed rates and are offered for 1, 2 and 5-years.

Earn interest while helping churches…it’s really that simple!

Growth From Kingdom Building Use of Your Funds

As you learn about The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund, you will be connected with the amazing ministries this fund has partnered with through the years. Hundreds of churches plus a wide-range of conferences, camps, social service agencies and colleges across the country have benefitted from the loans and services provided by the Fund. Whatever the size of your assets or stage of life you are in, there is good that can be done through The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund.

Our History

Since 1955, The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund and its predecessor, the Church
Extension Loan Fund, have provided a meaningful investment opportunity to participants in the Free Methodist Church and their relatives. The fund is managed by The Free Methodist Foundation (FMF) which was founded in 1987 to serve the Free Methodist Church of North America.
FMF assists people of all ages in reaching their goals while building meaningful legacies with their lives. Headquartered in Spring Arbor, Michigan, FMF consists of a highly talented financial services staff capable of guiding you toward the outcomes you desire. Each day, our team enthusiastically responds to the call of serving God by providing our clients excellence in financial services.

For more information about the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund or any of the other Financial services offered by the Free Methodist Foundation, please call or email us using the information below.



Our calling is to enable you to experience the joy & peace of building your financial life and legacy to its God given potential.

The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund
is a ministry of FMF Financial Services.


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8050 Spring Arbor Rd.
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Variable rate adjusted from time to time. Interest on all certificates accrues daily. A statement is provided each quarter reflecting the principal of each certificate. Investment certificates are unsecured general debt obligations of The Free Methodist Foundation. Investment is subject to risks, which are described in our Offering Circular, including: no sinking fund, no trust indenture, no FMCUSA guarantee, not FDIC or SIPC insured, not bank deposits or bank obligations, no public market, reinvestment rates may change, loans may be secured by special purpose property, borrowers may be dependent on contributions for loan repayment. This is not an offer to sell you our securities and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. The offer is made solely by the Offering Circular. We will offer and sell our securities only in states where authorized.