The Free Methodist Church USA was organized in 1860 and is comprised of approximately 1,000 churches across the United States.  The Free Methodist Foundation is a separate legal entity from the Denomination.  From 1956 through 1987 the Denomination’s Investment Committee administered the Fund (then called the “Church Extension Loan Fund”) on behalf of the Denomination.  Recommendations for the loans to be made by the Fund, as were made by the Department of Evangelism and Church Growth.  The Denomination’s treasurer was responsible for the fiscal accounting of the Fund. 

In 1987, The Free Methodist Foundation assumed management of the Fund.  Since 1956 both the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund and its predecessor, the Church Extension Loan Fund, have a long history of providing a meaningful investment opportunity to members and friends of the Free Methodist Church. In addition to earning interest, investors in the fund experience the satisfaction of seeing their money used to build churches and ministries. 

As investments are received, the fund assists ministries of the Free Methodist Church in the acquisition, construction and expansion of physical facilities. To date, hundreds of Free Methodist Churches throughout the United States have benefitted from the investments of Kingdom conscious individuals and institutions.

There are currently approximately 1700 investors and 130 active loans.

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