The primary purpose of the Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund is to assist new and developing ministries of the Free Methodist Church in the acquisition, construction and expansion of physical facilities by providing user friendly loan services.  

New loan recipients do not pay points or processing fees for loan services.  Loan recipients are required to pay actual expenses for loan documentation such as mortgage, appraisal, and title insurance fees.  The terms of our loans are 10, 15, 20, and 25 years.  The rate will be subject to adjustment at five year intervals.  The internal loan committee at the Free Methodist Foundation (FMF) reviews all loan applications.  Board members of The Free Methodist Foundation also review and approve loan applications above $250,000.  All loan decisions are based upon an analysis of financial ratios and guidelines, relevant circumstances and the availability of funds.  No loan request is guaranteed approval.

All loans are guided by requirements defined by the Free Methodist Book of Discipline and the policies described in our offering circular.  Loans are secured by first mortgages and conferences co-sign all loans to churches.  Site visits may be required for loans exceeding $250,000.  The Foundation monitors compliance with securities regulations in each state that offers certificates.


Photo: The Lambs Fellowship, Maurieta, CA

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